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By | June 22, 2016

How to solve an Additional Topics in Math Problem from SAT Math easily

Additional Topics in Math questions will test student’s ability to use given information about figures and find their volumes or areas etc. Some other questions will involve trigonometric ratios, complex numbers and the knowledge and application of theorems about congruence and similarity between parallel lines and shapes such as triangles, rectangles and circle etc.

SAT Math Additional Topics in MathSample problem from collegeboard website


In the figure above, increment A B C space tilde space increment E D C. Which of the following must be true?

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A) stack A E with bar on top parallel to stack B D with bar on top
B) stack A E with bar on top perpendicular stack B D with bar on top
C) stack A B with bar on top parallel to stack D E with bar on top
D) stack A B with bar on top perpendicular stack D E with bar on top
This question tests your skills in understanding geometrical rules and theorems.
Looking at the options itself it is very clear that Option A is incorrect since both AE and BD actually intersect at C, hence cant be parallel
Similarly, AB and DE dont look to be perpendicular if at all assuming that we will intersect.
One of option B or C is correct.
Since additional information is given that triangles ABC and EDC are similar,
which means
Thus, the corrollary of parallel line theorem yields
that Line AB and Line DE are parallel
Hence, option C is correct.
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